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Saturday, April 5, 2014



Hello Everyone!

If you have already registered for the East Coast Stampin' Event and heard from me, you don't need to contact me again. BUT if you have been holding off - there's only 12 days left to register!
We're working hard to make this a special day - see your treats boxes above - they are just the beginning of our preparations! Information on how to register and pay can be found on the right hand column.

Don't forget to make swaps to trade with the other participants - it's such a great way to get ideas and meet people. I will list the swap rules below for a basic card front swap, but if anyone wants to organize a specialized swap such as a Tag Swap, Favour Swap, etc. please feel free! Send me the information as soon as possible and I will make sure it gets to everyone who has registered. They will then contact you for more information.

Basic Card Front Swap
If you haven't participated in a swap before please don't feel shy! We are friendly and fun and your contribution is what it's all about! :)
Swapping will take place throughout the day to allow you to meet people - especially those who you might have met 'virtually' but can now talk to in person!
At this point we have 60 people registered so you can make as many or as few swaps as you wish. (One card front traded for another card front)

Card fronts only  5 1/2" x 4 1/4" - save your cardstock for classes, workshops, and fun at home!
Current product only  - this does not mean it has to be from the new catalogue (although that will make you popular!) but it should not be retired.
Do your best work - sharp straight cuts, layers, embellishments, neat.
Information - Please put your name and email address on the back of your card front. This way if anyone has questions about your card they can email you. Some people include all the ingredients of the card but this is not necessary.
The friendly rule for swappers is that you cannot refuse to swap. Not everyone has years of experience, not everyone is talented in the same way, but we can all use inspiration from other stampers!

I hope you're getting excited - we sure are!! We want to make this a fantastic day that you will remember!! :)

Carol, Linda, Maree                       

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