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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Here is where you will find information on the swaps taking place at the East Coast Stampin' Summer 2014 Event!

Basic Card Front Swap
If you haven't participated in a swap before please don't feel shy! We are friendly and fun, and your contribution is what it's all about! :) Swapping will take place throughout the day to allow you to meet people - especially those who you might have met 'virtually' but can now talk to in person! we have 65 people registered so you can make as many or as few swaps as you wish. (One card front traded for another card front) No need to register.

Card fronts only  5 1/2" x 4 1/4" - to save on cardstock.
Current product only  - this does not mean it has to be brand new (although that will make you very popular!) but it should not be retired.
Do your best work - sharp straight cuts, layers, embellishments, neat. Make a card you would like to receive.
Information - Please put your name and email address on the back of your card front. This way if anyone has questions about your card they can email you. Some people include all the ingredients of the card but this is not necessary.

The friendly rule for swappers is that you cannot refuse to swap (unless you've run out.) Not everyone has years of experience, not everyone is talented in the same way, but we can all use inspiration from other stampers!

Shallon Vickers of Middle Sackville, NS
If you want inspiration for masculine cards this is the swap to join! Email Shallon for details and to get your name on her list!! Deadline is May 6th to join the swap.

Annie Corbin of Berwick, NS
The cost of this swap cannot be over $5.00 total including Stampin'Up! material and whatever you add to it or put in it. The last day  to register for the swap is  May 15th.   ( No baked goods  allowed).  Contact Annie for more information and to get your name on the list.  

Tracy Elsom of Bass River
This swap is for anyone who would like to collect technique and embellishment ideas using the SAME background. Only current Stampin’ Up! products should be used. Register by May 10 please. Please contact Tracy for more details. 

Tracy’s Card Collaboration Swap 2014
Here’s how it will work:

Before the event
Each swapper will create a batch of identical backgrounds 4 x 5 ¼ inches (can be portrait or landscape orientation). All backgrounds should be identical (obviously there will be slight differences but these should be as a result of the technique used and not by design). They can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

The background swapper will write the recipe for the background they create using the template I will provide (to make sure everyone gets all the information they need).

The background swapper must also write their contact details in the ‘Background created by’ space indicated on the recipe sheet.

The background swapper will copy the recipe so that they have one for every background in the batch

In one envelope, put two identical backgrounds and two copies of the recipe and write your own name and mailing address on the outside. This is the package you will swap.
Remember: The total number of identical backgrounds you will need to create will be DOUBLE the number of participants in this group. I will confirm final numbers by May 14th.

At East Coast Stampin’ Event
Swap your envelopes and contents with the others in the group and take them home with you.

Within one month
Take each envelope separately and finish each pair of backgrounds you have received in your own style and mount them to create finished cards. Again both cards in the pair should be identical (obviously there will be slight differences but these should be as a result of the technique used and not by design).

Add the ‘finishing’ recipe to both of the recipe sheets you received with that pair of backgrounds. Remember to add your contact details in the ‘Finished by’ space provided on the sheet.

Put one finished card and one completed recipe back in the envelope it came in, add the correct postage and mail it back to the background creator.

Keep the other finished card and completed recipe sheet from the pair for yourself.
Then work on the next pair. You will finish each pair of cards in your own style and each pair could be quite different from the next depending on the background you are working with. You can mail each envelope as you complete the pair of backgrounds, you don’t need to wait until all the swaps are complete.

At the end of this swap you will:
Receive a card by post from everyone you swapped with, using your background but finished in their style together with the completed recipes for them.
Keep a card from everyone you swapped with, using their background but finished in your own style together with the completed recipes for them.

Swap created by Tracy Elsom -

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